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As an experienced interactive and creative strategist, I enjoy helping businesses develop innovative marketing solutions that track real-time engagements and generate solid return.

Together, we can share ideas and build the modern web. Are you ready to create something great?

Let’s talk: (949) 484-KYLE

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If I Fail, I Study Why I Failed

helicopter with digital billboard attached

"When building something new, it is important to realize that not everyone will understand your model. Don’t get hung up on trying to be complete, but focus on being right."

-- Kyle Benham

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Building The Modern Web

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We are here to work with you ↔ to learn, collaborate, and build truly amazing applications that simply reach your target audience. Call us today, (949) 484-5953.

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Creating Educational Opportunities

Maggie Rose Regan

"We designed our program to challenge interns; using the knowledge they have gained from their academic studies in actual fast-paced industry situations."

-- Kyle Benham

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Social Media Music Playlists

social media playlists on the radio

Spearheaded social media playlists; collaborating with our audience to thematically select music for The Tech Guy radio program in real-time.

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Is Social Media a M-F 9-5 Job?

is social media 9 to 5

Social media doesn't work M-F 9-5 PT and then sign off -- calling it a day. So why is Wells Fargo?

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Leo Laporte + TWiT Army

Leo Laporte The Tech Guy says hire kyle

A big thank you to Leo Laporte and the TWiT Army for bringing my site down on the launch Saturday, April 21, 2012 -- definitely a badge of honor!

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Facebook Is Charging You?

Facebook's promoted status updates statistics

Congratulations, Facebook, 1 billion users continue to freely give you targeted information with an enormous value to advertisers around the world. And you celebrate this feat by charging them?

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Recent Articles by Kyle Benham

Big News: My New Job – Providing Good Help to Those in Need

July 25, 2014 by

Big News: I’m moving to the happiest city in the country.  And what an amazing time it is to call RVA my new home. I have accepted a position with Bon Secours Health System. 

I’ll be an online learning project coordinator, working on the ConnectCare team to help further develop e-Learning modules for the Epic application suite. 

After meeting with Bon Secours, I knew this was exactly the type of challenge that I have prepared for with my integrated media background. 

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My Coach – I Call Him, Dad


My Dad is my coach. He is always there to support me. And never afraid to critique me.

ted benham coaching his son, kyle benham

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Debbie Benham Is An Inspiration; Helping Others Shine For 37 Years


TCC Graduation Ceremony

Tidewater Community College had their commencement ceremony at the Ted Constant Center over the Mother’s Day weekend. Professor Debbie Benham said, “These students have so much to offer; it is always exciting to see what their future holds.”

Professor Benham has taught in higher education for 37 years. Her impeccable ability to relate with others is captivating. Her intuitive style for incorporating hands-on learning experiences in the classroom has prepared students for the real world.

But most importantly, each semester is handled with a great amount of care as Professor Benham continually helps others shine.

Today, I want to honor the person I admire most; a kind, loving and faith-filled person -- my Mother, Debbie Benham.

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What Is Your Favorite Tech Guy Moment?

1,000 Episodes and Counting!


Leo Laporte hosting his 1,000th episode of The Tech Guy show

When asked what he will be doing for his 1,000th episode this weekend, Leo Laporte said, “Doing something real cool -- I’ll be sitting on a ball.”

And he did just that earlier today as he hosted the 1,000th episode of his nationally syndicated Tech Guy show.

Leo has been helping millions stay up-to-date on the latest in technology since 1991. "We started counting in 2004 when I started doing The Tech Guy show on KFI in Los Angeles," says Leo.

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Facebook Charging $7 To Promote Status Updates

Does It Work?


Congratulations, Facebook, 1 billion users continue to freely give you targeted information with an enormous value to advertisers around the world.

And you celebrate this feat by charging the user?

In addition to launching a mediocre “chairs” campaign for their first ad campaign -- Facebook launched a new platform, allowing the user (you) to pay to have your messages reach more friends. Yes, you heard me correctly, the network that has longed stated 'it will always be free,' is now charging to promote your own status updates.

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Think Big Baltimore Asked, "As an Entrepreneur – How Do You Think Big?"


think big article

Six years ago, I was having lunch with entrepreneur and relationship author, Jess McCann. The conversation turned to the Powerball jackpot, which at the time had reached a record-high $365 million. I’ll never forget McCann’s statement, “I’d never want to win the lottery.”

At first, I thought she was sarcastically poking fun at how everyone would start calling – asking for financial support. No, Jess McCann meant it; “I wouldn’t want something I didn’t earn,” she said.

For the next five years, her statement stuck with me. It was one of the most ridiculous declarations that I had ever heard...

Who wouldn’t want to win $365 million dollars?

Wells Fargo Social Media Analysis


wells fargo vault open for social media

Social media doesn't work Monday through Friday from 9-5 and then sign off -- calling it a day. So why is Wells Fargo's Social Media Department?

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Pro Bono/Educational Advertising Opportunity 2012 in the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore Area


Maggie Rose ReganWith May fast approaching, Towson senior, Maggie Rose Regan will tell you, “It’s safe to say that my plate is very full right now.” She wouldn’t be lying, either, as she just submitted her proposal for her final internship project here at Bootcamp Lights.

Between filling out job applications, scheduling meetings in New York and Boston for post-grad opportunities, and still being fully prepared to juggle one more important responsibility...

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The Baltimore Police Department Becomes the First Police Department to Stream Daily Live Newscast


What happens when you take a creative police department -- add an internet connection, video camera, and a laptop?

Baltimore Police first ever LIVE video feed

Move over, Kate Amara, the Baltimore Police Department just launched their very own LIVE daily newscast.

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Flounder DC101 – The Numbers Never Lie


numbers never lie It’s been over a year since the ‘firing’ of one of DC’s best radio sidekicks, DJ Flounder.

And earlier today, I noticed a recent status update on Flounder's Facebook page.

Flounder's Facebook post from 10/10/2012

Flounder's Facebook post about being fired

Thumbs up on Valentines Day Surprise

Baltimore Valentine's Day 2012: Will Your Romantic Surprise Get Any Facebook ‘Likes’ This Year?

February 14, 2012 - A Day For Love To Take Flight In Baltimore!

heart-shaped Map of Baltimore

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, there are many ways to celebrate here in Baltimore; ranging from a romantic dinner at Charleston to learning all about animal reproduction at the Maryland Zoo: "Sex at the Zoo."

In 2012, the crowded restaurants, flowers, and even “Sex at the Zoo” can seem a bit cliché, though. Discovering unique ways to surprise your valentine has become quite the challenge...

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Amazing Marriage Proposal Illuminates the Sky


Helicopter hovering above house for marriage proposal
Baltimore, MD -- Since launching Bootcamp Lights, we have helped a wide range of customers, from a radio personality looking for a creative way to say, “Hire Me,” to a police department recruiting 300 new officers.

Our goal has always been to offer an innovative platform, where anyone can effectively display their message.

Now, add a memorable marriage proposal to the list!

Dave contacted us with an original idea. He wanted to use our helicopter, which is outfitted with a 36-foot digital billboard, to propose his girlfriend, Kelly.

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