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Debbie Benham Is An Inspiration; Helping Others Shine For 40 Years

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TCC Graduation Ceremony

Tidewater Community College had their commencement ceremony at the Ted Constant Center over the Mother’s Day weekend. Professor Debbie Benham said, “These students have so much to offer; it is always exciting to see what their future holds.”

Professor Benham has taught in higher education for 40 years. Her impeccable ability to relate with others is captivating. Her intuitive style for incorporating hands-on learning experiences in the classroom has prepared students for the real world.

But most importantly, each semester is handled with a great amount of care as Professor Benham continually helps others shine.

Today, I want to honor the person I admire most; a kind, loving and faith-filled person -- my Mother, Debbie Benham.

Debbie Benham with her son when he was a baby

You’re an inspiration, Mom!

ITD 210 Web Design II Tidewater Community College

Growing up, my Mother was always there to lend a hand and guide us down the right path.

walking down the grand canyon

And when I left for college in 2001, my Mother gave me this heart.

heart given to me by my mother

She said there is an imaginary string tied from her heart to mine. No matter where I go or what I encounter -- our hearts will always be connected.

"The string can stretch, but it will never break" two hearts connected by a piece of string that never breaks

Today, that string stretches approximately 2,709 miles and it is stronger than ever.

Debbie Benham with son Kyle Benham

Congratulations on 40 amazing years, Mom!

I'll love you forever!

I love you MORE from Mom

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