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Flounder DC101 – The Numbers Never Lie

October 10, 2012 by

numbers never lie It’s been over a year since the firing of one of DC’s best radio sidekicks, DJ Flounder.

And earlier today, I noticed a recent status update on Bryan Flounder Schlossberg's Facebook page.

Flounder's Facebook post from 10/10/2012

Flounder's Facebook post about being fired

What I find most remarkable is that after more than a year since Flounder was last on-air, his name is still being searched on Google more than the actual host of the show.

Numbers Never Lie

07/29/2011: The date Flounder was fired by DC101's program director

590: The number of monthly searches on Google for the phrase "Flounder DC101"

320: The number of monthly searches on Google for the phrase "Elliot DC101"

Click image below to view full size.

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