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Max The Husky Loves Exploring Laguna Beach Dog Park

November 22, 2012 by

Siberian Husky at Laguna Beach Dog Park

Max exploring all around the dog park

Facebook Is Charging You?

Facebook's promoted status updates statistics

Congratulations, Facebook, 1 billion users continue to freely give you targeted information with an enormous value to advertisers around the world. And you celebrate this feat by charging them?

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As an experienced interactive and creative strategist, I enjoy helping businesses develop innovative marketing solutions that track real-time engagements and generate solid return.

Together, we can share ideas and create the modern web. Are you ready to build something great? Let’s talk: (949) 484-KYLE

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The modern web can often be difficult to convey, but my latest startup is here to work with you ↔ to learn, collaborate, and build truly amazing applications that simply reach your target audience.

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