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kyle benham featured in virginian pilot

I have always had a passion for the immediacy radio offers. As a kid, growing up in Virginia Beach, it was fascinating to hear radio hosts engage with their audience live on the air.

When I was 15, I applied for a work permit to learn more about the industry. After realizing most radio stations do not hire high school students, I negotiated an agreement with my technology teacher, Mr. Swanger. The agreement was simple; I would receive 1 extra credit point on a test if I were to successfully complete an internship with a local radio station.

After hearing “No, you’re too young, kid,” from nearly every Virginia Beach-Norfolk radio station—Heather Gooze, Director of Marketing at Eagle 97, called with the rewarding “Yes" that would introduce me to radio.

I completed my dream internship and in 1999 and was hired by John Crenshaw, Program Director at 100.5 WCMS (sister station to Eagle 97). I was 16-years-old at the time, and featured in The Virginian Pilot as a “Rising Star: The Youngest Norfolk-Virginia Beach Radio Personality.”

It didn’t take long for me to recognize that my high-pitched voice wasn’t exactly the standard “radio voice.” If I was going to succeed, I’d have to learn the importance of engaging with the target audience.

Kyle On-Air at 16 Years Old | 100.5 WCMS – Virginia Beach, VA

Kyle Benham in 2013

Founder of A Modern Website and Musical Director on Leo Laporte – The Tech Guy, syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks.

For the past 11 years, I have played an integral on-air role in creating original content for two syndicated talk radio programs. While attending George Mason University (BA 2005), I worked on the Elliot in the Morning Show, syndicated out of Washington, D.C.’s legendary DC101.

Presently, we reach over 1 million listeners every weekend on Leo Laporte – The Tech Guy, syndicated by Premiere Networks. It is rewarding to be at the forefront of technology with the ability to connect and help others.

The Polar Plunge by A Modern Website

In 2012, I launched, A Modern Website, to help businesses quickly develop, optimize and promote original content on the modern web.

At A Modern Website, every adjustment is evaluated to increase exposure, sales, brand recognition and profits for our clients. Our services have real, definable, value. There is no more guessing.

By creating an audience that is engaged in your content; they become a part of your brand, and they want to share that story with their friends.

bootcamp lights helicopterPrior to launching A Modern Website, I co-founded Bootcamp Lights with the goal of making advertising simple, effective, and affordable for all.

With simplicity in mind, our team engineered a new form of targeted advertising using a custom built R22 Helicopter, outfitted with a 36 x 8 foot digital billboard to reach key areas.

Bootcamp Lights is the only company in the Mid-Atlantic region with authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly digital media over metropolitan areas.

Very similar to radio and the modern web, our helicopter isn’t effective if the message is just shouted out at people. We use our new approach to involve the audience, bringing them from out-of-home to multiple online platforms where we can resourcefully track engagements.

Bootcamp Lights connecting out-of-home with online

Search engine optimization (SEO) is significantly changing in 2012

“Today we're beginning to support authorship markup—a way to connect authors with their content on the web. We're experimenting with using this data to help people find content from great authors in our search results.”

Google logo

It is important to correctly use Google's verified authorship markup to maximize exposure for the credible content you publish on the modern web.

For Valentine’s Day 2012, I used our online platforms to engage with the Baltimore community. The two articles we produced were indexed with verified Google authorship combined with surpassing all of the other Valentine’s Day opportunities.

Bootcamp Lights organic Google search results

Since the launch of Bootcamp Lights, we have successfully pivoted our business model four times to continually innovate our approach and promote everything from a high-end national security and defense intelligence provider (Six3 Systems campaign) to a guy looking for a creative way to say, Will you marry me?

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Creating Educational Opportunities

Maggie Rose Regan

"We designed our program to challenge interns; using the knowledge they have gained from their academic studies in actual fast-paced industry situations."

-- Kyle Benham

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Social Media Music Playlists

social media playlists on the radio

Spearheaded social media playlists; collaborating with our audience to thematically select music for The Tech Guy radio program in real-time.

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Building The Modern Web

A Modern Website logo

Small startup, run by Kyle Benham. Here to work with you ↔ to learn, collaborate, and build truly amazing applications that reach your target audience.

Call us today, (949) 484-5953.

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Facebook Charging You

Facebook's promoted status updates statistics

Congratulations, Facebook, 1 billion users continue to freely give you targeted information with an enormous value to advertisers around the world. And you celebrate this feat by charging them?

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Think Big Baltimore Article

think big article

"When building something new, it is important to realize that not everyone will understand your model. Don’t get hung up on trying to be complete, but focus on being right."

-- Kyle Benham

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Is Social Media a M-F 9-5 Job?

is social media 9 to 5

Social media doesn't work M-F 9-5 PT and then sign off -- calling it a day. So why is Wells Fargo?

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Leo Laporte + TWiT Army

Leo Laporte The Tech Guy says hire kyle

A big thank you to Leo Laporte and the TWiT Army for bringing my site down on the launch Saturday, April 21, 2012 -- definitely a badge of honor!

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Founder of A Modern Website

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As an experienced interactive and creative strategist, I enjoy helping businesses develop innovative marketing solutions that track real-time engagements and generate solid return.

Together, we can share ideas and build the modern web. Are you ready to create something great?

Let’s talk: (949) 484-KYLE

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