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My Coach – I Call Him, Dad


my dad

My Dad is my coach. He is always there to support me. And never afraid to critique me.

10 Important Things My Dad Taught Me Over The Years

1. Believe in God.

2. Be honest; always keep your word.

3. Value family traditions and respect our name.

4. See the best in people. Treat others with respect.

5. Take pride in your work.

ted benham coaching his son, kyle benham

6. Elbow in. Head down; shorten your backswing.

7. “The Look”

8. Practice. Practice. Practice. Did I say Practice?

9. Will she make a good mother?

10. Enjoy life.

Thanks, Dad, for being there for me from day one. Your straightforward advice has kept me grounded and always striving for more.

Happy Father's Day, Dad! I Love you!

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