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On New Year’s Eve, I designed a flight plan that put our helicopter adjacent to the Baltimore fireworks. We used our online platforms to stream messages directly from Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

As thousands gathered to ring in the New Year, our approach resonated very well with the community. By creating an audience that is engaged in our content; they become part of our brand and they want to share that story with their friends.

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Ad Campaign Targeting Professionals with Top Secret Security Clearances

In January 2012 I partnered with Six3 Systems to launch an ad campaign in hopes of targeting professionals based out of Ft. Meade with expertise in providing strategic solutions to U.S. Government agencies in the intelligence, defense, and civilian communities.

"Bootcamp Lights worked closely with the Six3 Systems team to identify our target market and design an effective approach to reach our recruiting goals, " says Brad Simmons from Six3 Systems.

Six3 Systems Ad Campaign

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Think Big Baltimore Article

Think Big Baltimore Article

"When building something new, it is important to realize that not everyone will understand your model. Don’t get hung up on trying to be complete, but focus on being right."

-- Kyle Benham

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Social Media Music Playlists

social media playlists on the radio

Spearheaded social media playlists; collaborating with our audience to thematically select music for The Tech Guy radio program in real-time.

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Building The Modern Web

A Modern Website Founded by Kyle Benham

The modern web can often be difficult to convey, but my latest startup is here to work with you ↔ to learn, collaborate, and build truly amazing applications that simply reach your target audience.

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